The Jewish Music Record Label
Tikva Records is no longer around, having vanished over 30 years ago.  We're gathering information about them, so if you know anything about the label, the people or the records, please get in touch!

Did you know Allen B. Jacobs? We're looking for biographical info as well as information on his partners and distributors.

Did Tikva pay royalties or grant licenses and clearances for use of the music?

Where did they master their albums? Who did the mastering? What pressing plant pressed the records? We like to hear the technical details AND the personal stories.

We are also EXTREMELY curious about what happened to them at the end, and who was involved.  But ANY anecdote is interesting to us and could be the missing puzzle piece! 

The Tikva webpage was attached to the ISRAELI FOLK MUSIC ARCHIVE. It was part of AOL Hometown, which was shut down on Oct 31, 2008.

The Idelsohn Society released a Tikva Records compilation CD! Check it out here:
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